System Design

The IDM Integration team is made up of engineers with experience delivering large scale, fault tolerant, highly available systems.  As part of any engagement IDM Integration will evaluate your existing technology base and provide you with a design and implementation that meets your organization’s long term goals while minimizing deployment and maintenance costs.

Shibboleth Services

The Shibboleth software suite provides IDM Integration a standards based tool kit with zero software cost.  Shibboleth is also a requirement for many federated authentication and authorization systems.  Shibboleth is the core of the IDM Integration services.  We are also able to provide any sort of operation around the Shibboleth software including:

  • SP installation, integration, and customization
  • IdP installation, integration, customization and hosting
  • Health checks for your Shibboleth environment
  • Dev/Test/Production Deployments
  • QA and QoS analysis
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Integration

Shibboleth Integration

IDM Integration can help you integrate Shibboleth into your existing authentication and identity management architecture.  On the IdP side, IDM Integration can incorporate Shibboleth into existing authentication and authorization systems including CAS, LDAP, AD and others, or help stand up a new environment.  On the SP side, IdM Integration can help you integrate Shibboleth with your existing application.  IDM Integration has experience integrating Shibboleth with many open source software systems like Moodle and Drupal and has the development expertise to help you integrate Shibboleth with your custom applications.

More about the Shibboleth® Project

Other Identity and Access Management Systems

IDM Integration’s primary focus is on open source systems, but our skilled engineers have experience with commercial authentication and identity management suites including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Novell.


IDM Integration offers a range of support options from a one-time troubleshooting session to an annual subscription service.  IDM Integration’s Shibboleth Health Check service takes a look under the hood of a customer’s Shibboleth environment and provides a report to give the customer peace of mind about their federated authentication environment.  IDM Integration also offers support for customers during emergency outage situations including system restoration and root-cause analysis.


Familiarizing our customers with Shibboleth and its operation is a standard part of all of our projects; however IDM Integration can also provide custom training to help your IT staff reach the next level of supporting and maintaining your Shibboleth environment.

Policy Development

All successful identity management deployments start with a clear policy.  An effective policy has broad consensus across all areas of an organization; however consensus can be difficult to attain in an organization that has competing internal demands.  The IDM Integration team has the range of skills and experience needed to catalyze an effective policy to meet your organization’s needs.

Process Development

Documented processes are a necessary part of a healthy identity management system.  Effective processes ensure that the technology is following the prescribed policy.  Our staff is knowledgeable in business, technical, and leadership fields and can act as a unifying force within organization to assist an organization with the development and refinement of their identity management processes.

Shibboleth Support

Contact us for Shibboleth, SAML, ADFS and SSO support and custom integration.