4-Hour Consultation

If you are new to SAML-based federated authentication or single sign-on, sometimes you just need someone to look over your shoulder to help you get past your configuration or integration roadblock.

Our 4-Hour Consultation is our most popular service for helping customers solve SAML authentication or single sign-on configuration and integration issues.

Here’s how our 4-Hour Consultation service works:

We will spend an hour or two either on the phone or a shared desktop session with you to get to know your environment and see the problem that you are having from your perspective.

Afterwards, we do some offline research, and we return for a second phone call to use the remainder of the time to implement a fix or discuss next steps.

Here is an idea of some of the problems we’ve helped our customers solve with our 4-Hour Consultation service:

  • Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLphp or ADFS IdP and SP configuration issues
  • Advanced Shibboleth IdP and SP configuration (eg. attribute release, joining a federation, setting up a discovery service, etc.)
  • Accessing Shibboleth attributes from your custom application
  • SSO configuration and integration issues
  • Architecture questions and design review
  • Emergency support

Contact us to schedule your 4-Hour Consultation!