Shibboleth Demo FAQ

What is the root login for the demo VMs?

You can login to each of the demo VMs using the following login/password:

Login: root

Password: idmiroot

How do I add users or attributes to LDAP?

phpLDAPadmin  is installed on the IdP VM, and you can access it via the bookmark in the Client VM web browser to manage LDAP users and attributes.

What’s the login for phpLDAPadmin?

The login is “cn=Manager,dc=test,dc=edu” with password “secret”

How do I install and configure Shibboleth?

Our Shibboleth demo IdP and SP installation is based on the following instructions:

Where can I find the Shibboleth IdP and SP files on the VM?

On the IdP VM, Shibboleth is installed under /opt.  On the SP VMs, you can find the configuration files under /etc/shibboleth.